‘Research & Development’ has been the most valuable and distinguished capability of our company since its establishment. Thanks to this ability, ULTRAKİM was the first and still only domestic chemical company in Turkey specialized in the development and production of silicone polymer based products.

Due to our self-acquired know-how, and the intensive work of our R&D department, numerous products for many sectors have been developed and introduced to the Turkish market as viable alternatives to imported silicone products.

While developing new products, we place special emphasis on two factors; customer needs and sectoral needs. Since we are a dynamic and flexible business enterprise, we must be able to focus on tailor-made products according to customers’ special requests, while also considering the progress of the related sectors.

Whenever a customer comes up with a special product request, first we try to determine the total market potential of that product. Even if the potential is small, we may decide to work on the product, since it is crucial for our customer.

According to our decision, the R&D department immediately initiates research about the chemistry of the product via literature or rival product(s) analysis. During this process, we work closely with the customer on sample product trials until we develop the most effective and desired final product(s).

On the other hand, we develop new products not only according to customer needs but also ULTRAKİM’s current interests and forecasts.

We believe sustainable ‘Research & Development’ of new products is the only way for a company to survive in this competitive world. Therefore, ULTRAKİM will always keep investing in R&D technologies, and continue to become a solution partner for all our customers.