Human Resources Policy
We believe that ULTRAKİM’s long-term success hinges on our ability to attract, hire and retain the right employees who will contribute to the development and growth of their own selves and our company.

Honesty, trust, transparency and respect are our key corporate objectives, and we seek these qualities in every potential employee. We assess potential candidates who are willing to join in accordance with these values.

ULTRAKİM favors a long-term employment policy. Thus, we expend the greatest effort in hiring the most suitable candidate, who is extremely passionate, and qualified with the essential skills for any open position.

ULTRAKİM provides the necessary work environment for open dialog amongst all co-workers, and expects every employee to be an active part of this effective communication system.

ULTRAKİM takes all employment decisions regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, marital status, national origin or any other legally protected class in accordance with all laws in effect. This commitment includes all but not limited to recruiting, hiring, promotion, training, compensation, discipline, benefits, privileges and other conditions of employment. Any discrimination in violation of this policy is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Our recruitment procedure starts with the publication of open positions via our website or contracted recruitment agency websites. After the first evaluation of written applications, eligible candidates will be called for a telephone interview. If a candidate passes this first elimination step, she/he will be invited for face-to-face interview(s).

At the first stage, we try to learn more about the candidate by using a number of personality and competency evaluation techniques. Later interview(s) will be more about explaining the company and job definition in detail. If a candidate successfully passes all stages, and agrees to abide by the declared terms and conditions, he/she will be invited to join the ULTRAKİM family.

All other applications will be saved in our database for other suitable job opportunities, and candidates may be called in future for new positions.

We fully recognize the importance of training for our employees’ self-development, and thus we encourage them to attend various trainings that will help to improve their personal or business competence.

In our company, two types of training programs are followed. The first one is the ‘newcomer orientation training’ program, in which we explain our way of doing business, and gives the new employee a chance to familiarize with the company and its realities. The main topics will be company introduction, introducing of systems, procedures, workplace conduct, departmental and positional training.

The second program is our ‘yearly external training’ program, in which all employees can choose, apply for, and join desired trainings throughout the whole year. These training requests will be evaluated by the department managers and will be matched with available external trainings, which are followed by the HR department. Employees are informed about available external trainings and, according to their business schedules, are invited to attend the related trainings. New/different training requests by employees will also be considered by HR and the related department managers throughout the year.

The efficiency of all trainings and performance of employees will be evaluated via our training evaluation procedure.

In our company, each and every salary and fringe benefits package is determined individually according to our wage system criteria. Salary increases are reviewed at the beginning of the fiscal year according to individual performance results, economic indicators, and the company’s financial performance for the year.

Performance Management
Our performance management system is led according to our company performance criteria. Employees and departments have their own common targets, which are agreed upon and assigned at the beginning of every year. The performance results are observed throughout the year and evaluated in coordination with the HR department at the year-end. High performance results are rewarded with bonuses according to the determined rewarding methods. In the event of low performance, the reasons are analyzed and evaluated, and further poor performance prevented, by discussion between the relevant employees and HR.