At ULTRAKİM, we know that successful ‘Customer Relations’ management is the key factor to outshine and differentiate from our competitors, and to cultivate intense loyalty among our customers.

We believe that, in order to create successful ‘Customer Relations’, the most important factor is to focus on listening more than talking. This means not just listening to what our customers are telling us, but getting beyond this and understanding their unstated needs. Once we do that, we know we will not only have a better connection, but also we will be able to exceed their expectations.

In this respect, excellent service and effective communication is the default mind-set of every associate in our firm.

In accordance with this mind set, clearly it is important for our associates to be knowledgeable about our products and accurate about our company policy. Additionally, however, they need to have soft skills such as courtesy, empathy, and professionalism, which will help to create a personal bond with every customer.

At ULTRAKİM, we are extremely responsive to our customers’ inquiries, complaints and feedback. Our customer service representatives demonstrate an appropriate sense of urgency when a customer needs help. They follow up when they say they will, they are proactive, and they take the initiative instead of just responding to or ignoring problems.

We regularly ask our customers about what's working, what's not working, and what kind of customer service they would ideally like to get. Our customers are a key source of information for us.

Furthermore, we also ask our associates what they think would help to improve the service they provide, over the telephone, online, and in person. Just by asking, we gain great ideas from them, as well as their trust and commitment.