ULTRAKİM’s quality assurance policy is based on principles and values that are tied directly to our company mission, strategies and goals.

We believe our ‘Quality Management System’ is the key tool for creating and managing effective business processes, which will lead to the highest quality products and services, and satisfy customer expectations fully.

In this respect;

  • We always welcome any question, idea or suggestion put forward by our colleagues and customers.
  • We regularly develop new strategies to improve our quality standards, our effectiveness in methods of doing business, or to reduce our costs.
  • We meticulously control every stage of our processes, starting from the purchase of raw materials, right through to the delivery of finished products.
  • We talk, discuss and even self-criticize until we learn from our mistakes, and we strive diligently to not repeat the same mistakes.
  • We continuously monitor customer complaints and claims, try to solve them in the best and most expedient possible way, and take all necessary measures not to encounter similar problems again.
  • We believe in the benefit of training people, regardless of their status, age or experience. Everyone in this company has the right to access the same training opportunities, and feels responsible for sharing his/her gains with other colleagues.
  • We strictly comply with domestic and international rules and regulations in all of our business activities.
  • We care greatly about our natural resources, and strive to minimize any damage that we may cause.
  • We recognize that we still have a lot to do to achieve business excellence, but we promise and undertake to continue working hard and trying our best to this end.