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Silane/Siloxane and Synthetic Resin Solutions

NEVOSIL® SY 72 is a silane/siloxane and synthetic resin solution, which is mainly used to render all types of mineral based construction and building materials water and oil repellent.

NEVOSIL® SY 72 protects artificial & natural stones (marble, travertine, granite and ceramic tiles, etc.), concrete, or fibrous cement from undesired stains/materials such as dirt, grease, graffiti, etc. Oil, grease or paint can be easily removed from/wiped off any surface that has been treated with NEVOSIL® SY 72.

Appearance : Colorless, clear liquid
Active content (%) : 20 (±1)
Density (g/ml) : ~ 0,80
Viscosity (cP) : < 30
Flash point (°C) : ~ 38