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Silane/Siloxane Emulsions

NEVOSIL® SI 7105 is a silane/siloxane emulsion, and is an excellent water-repellent for many absorbent mineral and even highly alkaline substrates such as concrete, bricks, sand-lime brick, natural sand-stone, and mineral plasters.

Furthermore, it may also serve as a water-repellent primer for emulsion paints and plasters, silicone resin emulsion paints and silicone resin plasters, as well as for concrete coatings.

Thanks to its aqueous consistency and emulsion stability, NEVOSIL® SI 7105 is ideal for the impregnation of building materials made of clay, aerated concrete, sand-lime, fibrous cement, mineral fibers, and lightweight aggregate.

Appearance : Milky white liquid
Active content (%) : ~5
Density (g/ml) : ~ 1,00
pH : 6,0-8,0